Mastu iela 4 Ziemeļu rajons
Rīga, LV-1045, Latvia


Mastu iela 4 Ziemeļu rajons
Rīga, LV-1045, Latvia



Welcome to “Youth Club!” We are a youth group based in Latvia. The goal of “Young Club” is to provide a safe environment for young adults to come together to form deeper relationships with God and with each other. We strive to provide a welcoming & safe community for group members to talk through questions and challenges that they are facing in their personal lives. At the current time, “Young Club” meets every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, and have approximately 40 members.
Tuesday 6pm
Youth Club
Friday 5pm
Youth Club
Saturday 5pm

Meet Maksim Antonovs

Founder of Youth Club

On January 22, 2018 I realized that there were a lot of young people walking around the streets of Riga doing nothing with their life. They were wasting their time, and were depressed and lost. I realized that the young people needed help not only emotionally but physically as well. They needed help with their basic daily needs. I thought I should create a place to meet their needs and name it Youth Club. Youth Club would be a place where young people could go on the weekends and hangout. They could form friendships, feel safe and get help with whatever problems they had.

Youth Club was created and immediately began helping many young people. To be honest we were not expecting as many kids to come as did. Everyone was having fun,.sharing about themselves and the struggles that they faced. The kids were having quality time with each other.

Alena Foros
Alena Foros

Meet Alena Foros

Born 06/25/2001

When I was a kid my mother and I moved to Ireland. I didn’t have very good friends. For fun we used to drink and smoke amongst other things that I knew were wrong.

I knew about God but I didn’t think about him at all. God to me was just an idea, but not a reality. Everything changed when I came to visit my father in Latvia. I was given an opportunity to go to camp organized by Youth Club. This is where I met Maxim, the leader of the organization. After camp, Maxim reached out to me to help me stop making bad life choices. I didn’t want to listen because I was very deep in the world. The following year I was again in Latvia and Max invited me back to Youth Club. I went, and was so impacted by the atmosphere and fun we had, that for the first time in my life I realized that I didn’t need drugs or alcohol to be happy.

Maxim began to talk with me more about life with God. These conversations changed my heart and I truly desired to change. However, I realized that I couldn’t make these changes alone in Ireland, so i decided to move to Latvia. I’m so thankful for Maxim and the Youth Club. They helped me a lot. At first I lived in the church, and was able to visit the club every day. I learned more about God each day and my roots in God grew deeper. A desire to serve at Youth Club started to grow so I told Maxim and He helped me to become a volunteer there. Now I serve at the club helping other young adults. Sharing with them my life experience and telling them about God. It’s really amazing to see how God has used my testimony to change the lives of other youth.

Meet Artem Korneshov

Born 11/27/1999

I was born into a large poor family. We didn't have enough money to buy everything that we needed. Because of that, I started hanging out with with wrong crowd to get what I wanted. I started to experiment with cigarettes and alcohol. I drank a lot of alcohol but it was never enough. I then started doing drugs. I did what ever I had to do to get the drugs.

At one point I decided to make a change in my life because I realized the path I was on was not good. It would lead me to do harder drugs. I met a man who invited me to church to get something to eat. It was a holiday and I liked it there. I helped at the church and ended up spending the night. I was communicating with the man and drawn to the church. The idea for a Youth Club came up. I helped out at first, but was eventually drawn back to my old hectic life. I quit going to church. My friend was worried about me but never gave up on me. He would write me often. I realized I was not living a good life so I went back to church and developed a personal relationship with God.

After I became a Christian I realized I wanted to help the broken youth. It was hard because of my background. But a wise friend said if you want to help yourself, help another person. I started working at Youth Club. At first it was hard, but I committed my work to God. I was helping others and building friendships. I finally began to understand what my purpose was in life thru helping and serving others. Thank you to Youth Club for giving me a new life, one with purpose and meaning. I use to be an atheist but now I am not afraid to talk about God. Youth Club helped me develop a relationship with God. I am grateful to God for this place and all the people here. Today I am a servant of the Lord. Don't be afraid to ask God to forgive you of your sins. He will forgive you. When you accept Jesus as your Lord your life will be forever changed.

Alena Foros
Alena Foros

Meet Denis Fedotov

Born 10/27/1997

In the summer of 2018, I flew to Latvia from France. I am an orphan and as i was living in foster family in France. One day i was very sad and had nothing to do. A friend of mine invited me to a place called "Youth Club". That day i met a lot of young guys. It was the first time I found out that there was a youth club in Riga. There i could spent my days playing games, watching movies, walking in the parks and playing street games.After attending for only a week, I decided to volunteer and help in club as much as i could. Because of my experience as a cook I started to help by buying and cooking food for the other members of the Youth Club. I Spent all my summer volunteering at the Youth Club. It was an opportunity for me to serve other members.

In September I got a Job. I would still come to Youth Club on Fridays and Saturday's. I really missed those summer days when we would spend everyday together

One day a Club employees ask me o become a volunteer for. Of course I said Yes. I became more involved at the club and began to help leaders setup events,continue to cook. I came up with some ideas for games and competitions for the members and that opened doors to serve them more and gain new friends.

Summer 2018 was the best summer of my life. I became a Christian and gained new friends. Now i am able to share about God with others by simply sharing my testimony.

Meet Lina Sinkeviciute

Born 17/10/2002

I was born in Lithuania but my parents decided to move to Latvia. I knew God from my childhood, but didn’t live as Christian. I got into bad company when I became a teenager and I started to drink and smoke marijuana and other drugs. At the same time I knew God, I was just afraid to talk to Him. Because of my use of alcohol and drugs, I got diseases such as furunculosis and blood poisoning.

For 2 years the only thing I wanted was to close myself from everyone and just be alone.

I met Max and 3 girls from Youth Club at the skating rink. They took my and my friend's phone numbers. After a while, these girls wrote to me. Later my friend invited me to go with her to the club that Max called Youth Club.When I came to the club it was a very pleasant atmosphere. There were alot of young people and everyone was very sociable and cheerful. I did not want to leave from there. I remember I started praying a lot at home and wanted to become a leader in the club. Suddenly after 5 months, Max offered an opportunity to become a youth leader . I agreed but for me it was a shock how my life and environment had changed over these months. My parents were happy for me. It was a huge miracle.

Alena Foros

Many young people today feel broken and empty . . .
Youth Club is a place where young people are growing spiritually.

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